the co-founder of the " group," took thorntorn (legal name: andrea gaudiano), published his first comics with a high school newspaper in california at the tender age of 15 (1980). two years later, he was signing autographs of his new comic strips at comic book stores in colorado, where he received his school's "excellence in writing" award upon graduation. over the next few years, between his "local" publications and work in comics, and his growing experience teaching "comics as literature" courses via the university of colorado and doing conferences, interviews and lectures in-state, out of state, and abroad, he became a sort of "local/budding" authority on "comics as literature" in colorado. this led him to a couple of seminal events in his career, namely, he authored "azteca: the story of a jaguar warrior," the first graphic novel to be published by a museum (denver museum of natural history) with a scholarly team and on occasion of the largest exhibit in the US for the quincentennary of columbus' so-called "discovery of america," and in 1995 he was set to teach an unprecedented course on comics as literature through the liberal arts department of one of the leading schools in the field of communication (art center college of design, pasadena), together with a public lecture on the subject, for which the art center was going to invite the press and television. at the very same time, burne hogarth "marked" took (then "andy gaudiano") for the spot of "editor of marvel [comics]" when hogarth and his partners were talking about purchasing the giant publishing house. but 1995 was the year when took decided to leave his career, "walk the earth," and "be a free, postmodern weirdo" for 20 years. however, his passion for comics, literature, popular culture, and superheroes never waned, and he continued to write "for his own satisfaction" even as he turned away from the writing and teaching profession per se.
in the meantime, his brother stefano gaudiano has continued professionally in comics, having shared the same passion since childhood, and he has gone on to draw/ink/collaborate on characters such as batman ("our worlds at war", 2001), daredevil, spider-man, etc etc, received noticeable comics offers abroad (such as from bonelli editore) but continued working in the US for marvel, DC, and others, and more recently had the honor of making his contribution to "the walking dead" comic book series.
as pertains superheroes, sci-fi, and fiction in general, what took wants to do now is to bring out one of his most seasoned, long-laboured, passions: "the" crossover...