's projects are so many they might make your head spin.
that's why we're gonna sort them into 2 categories:
1) for the world (e.g. everyone can eat, with a click)
2) for business (the internet, superheroes, fashion, movies, tv, merchandising, video games, advertising, etc etc etc)
it all fits together


a world where everyone can have enough to eat (with a click)
the business projects
if you want to invest/advertise
it all fits together

"a world where everyone can have enough to eat"
EVERY person on earth who is currently, literally, starving, can have enough to eat, with one percent of the money of the world.
our project is designed to see to it that world hunger ENDS, forever, intelligently. it is designed to avoid creating more poverty. it is designed to end it. it is designed for a healthy, balanced civilization.
the system sees to it that anyone, from jane doe to a huge multinational, can give as little as 50 cents (that's a pretty healthy bag of rice) to 50 million, or more, WITH A CLICK.
it makes use of our "top choice system" technology (see below: business projects: "top choice system"). this guarantees that the money goes to the neediest first. anywhere on the planet. EVERY SINGLE CENT goes to the people who are starving. MINIMUM EFFORT. MAXIMUM RESULT. TOTAL TRANSPARENCY. anyone and everyone on earth, including, of course, you, can see where every cent goes, and monitor the entire system, head to toes, all the time, any time.
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"the biz" (the internet, superheroes, fashion, movies, tv, merchandising, video games, etc etc etc)
it's worth repeating:'s projects are so many they might make your head spin. let's sort the business projects into these sets:

- "top choice system" business project
- "superheroes/crossover" business project
- "the internet market" business project
- "advertising" business project
- "designer cards" business project
- additional business projects's added value is that each project can be executed both by itself and in synergy with all the other projects. (IMPORTANT: see "it all fits together".) this is why gives investors the choice to invest in specific projects and/or in the " group" itself.

"top choice system" business project
business-wise,'s "top choice system" is by far the largest and most ambitious project.
either, within a few years from launch, it will "beat" google and apple on the market (both currently worth much more than even facebook), or it won't.
the potential of the "top choice system" is that it will become the most used personal app and the most used website on earth.
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"superheroes/crossover" business project
the "superheroes/crossover" project, too, can be approached as two sets:
- single project: "super heroes" (characters created by the " group")
on the "small" scale (single project), we are developing a new team of super heroes from the future. quite possibly led by a female character. a new superheroes team that hits the mark between tested genre styles and the creation of truly new archetypes.
- meta project: "the crossover" (superheroes and other characters from movies and tv that are already existant/established in mass media)
on the "large" scale (meta project), we are planning the most important crossover, period. an incomparably unprecedented tie-in of tie-ins of characters and franchises from star wars to batman, from terminator to aliens, from the da vinci code to the avengers, and it even merges with reality tv, celebrities, and "everyday people." all connected. a mega-mix of movies, video games, comics, books, cards, internet.
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"the internet market" business project
the " group" owns approximately 200 domains (web addresses, "dot coms").
they can be run individually as well as together.
one of the slogans of "the internet market" is: "the web within the web."
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"advertising" business project
advertising makes the world go round.
contact the " group" and together we will set up the ideal win-win for one-way and/or mutual advertising.
from the mom-n-pop store to the multinational to the non-profit.
from the websites of world-renowned companies to the facebook, twitter, or youtube channel of the average jane.
from mutual advertising with fliers at a local store or link on the web, to the purchase or reservation of ad spaces on the web, its 200 websites, or its projects.
the win-win advertising venues are countless.
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"designer cards" business project
designer cards, including a deck that also ties together all the projects listed here.

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additional business projects
the " group" is a veritable hub for a net of endless imagined possibilities that have been building for quite some time. some or all of them could become real. soon, too.
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if you'd like to
ADVERTISE (including mutual advertising)
visit this link: the " group"
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the " group" projects:

over the past few years took has been writing, and the bellatop partners are now developing, a sort of meta-story. it mixes fiction and reality. superman, star wars, terminator, harry potter, tyra banks, paris hilton, paul mc cartney, sophia loren, dan brown, you, us, the bag lady in the street, the big biz ceo, the immigrant worker, the aspiring actress ... you name it.
in the world of the future.
which we can make real.
(even way sooner than some may imagine)
a world in which everyone can have enough to eat.
and ideally, a world in which everyone has a way to get on the web and connect. a world in which, WITH A CLICK, we decide/design our street as well as our planet. where our politicians talk less about each other's party and more about the best ways we can spend our money. where even a "poor" person can earn a humble but decent income by clicking on her/his favorite ads. where the economy is as smart as our gadgets. where we "play" with the internet, and as we all click we choose the next movie star as well as where superman flies.
one of the slogans of the " group" is [let's] "party with a clean conscience."
naturally, as far as our fiction story thus far, ***batman*** himself rocks and the "top choice system". he clicks on it to find just where the joker is hiding, or what's the best way to stop the aliens-predator invasion. gadget right in his batmobile, and his belt.
the "top choice system" optimizes any situation, interaction, sharing, choice. it does so in your personalized app. it does so for anyone and everyone on the net. in fiction. in reality. for batman AND for jane doe.
wanna be smart with the internet.

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sseko designs

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