some examples:
- "the race of time"
a motor race / race series, sponsored by the people, to finally determine who's the best racer on truly identical equipment, with reality television series, new technologies, etc.
based on this old draft for a motorcycle race at daytona, though the concept could easily apply to danica patrick, dale earnhardt jr, and company.

- the new olympics (old link)
from mixed martial arts to the ritualistic significance of pole dancers (search pole dancing at the olympics), think of it as "the X games" meets "modelland", with a line-up of music acts.

- board games
there's a niche market. sitting down around a table could make a comeback, maybe even be a new social network experience. the home-brewed "" games at kinkiki all pivot on the following principles: everyone is always invited to play; games must satisfy all possible personality types. NEW VERSION: MARAGO

- play for the cash (and other) prizes NOT board games. the old draft of the site is based on interactive online participation with clues for visitors to guess easy answers for small prizes and challenging explorations of diverse materials for large prizes. regardless of the current/old draft of the contents of the site, the domain name itself is possibly worth exploring.

- next generation "tarot" and/or cards
leaving aside the very peculiar and personal elements in the old draft of the nextgen tarot/cards website. NEW VERSION

it's proper to point out on this page that, as stated elsewhere on, the 200 or so domains (web addresses / "dot coms") owned by the " group," SO FAR have been used by took as a "weird personal playground of sorts"; virtually no traffic exists to the sites (deliberately, for now); and while the "unusual" content of the sites may be replaced at any time, the key points are the domain name itself and/or some of the concepts within.

it's also proper to point out that the focus of the "" group is on the other, top projects, as explained in the main projects page.

having said that, anything can be somewhat connected, in some form, to the larger ideas of using the internet and creativity for new ideas, worlds imagined or real, possibilities imagined or real. burne hogarth, took's mentor, long dreamed of building a theme park that would "blow disneyland away." and he loved disneyland, and admired walt. some of the details of this imagined possibility, perhaps as a franchise of "modelland theme parks" full of surprises, currently may exist somewhat cryptically between tyra banks and took, thus possibly connecting with the " group." as for one of the many, diverse drafts of a writer's imagination --one of many, different, "portals" into worlds of fantasy-- beware before you click... (it's mostly fiction, for now).

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